by Psychic Cyndee




Dreams take place on different planes of consciousness. Dreams on the Astral Plane can be very enjoyable and full of sensations. The “ego” is not carried on this plane. Without the ego you have more freedom unencumbered by the physical restrictions. It serves a bridge to the Mental Plane.


It is the Mental Plane that serves as the doorway to the higher spiritual self. It also is a bridge to the Higher Planes.


The astral body is a vehicle for travel and expression on the astral plane. Astral plane dreams can be tricky. Clients often ask me to help dream clarity to events they experience in their dreams. Psychic or prophetic dreams usually occur during REM, which occurs in the deepest level of sleep.


Some people do leave their body as the term “out of body” is implies. But they always remain connected to the physical body by a silver umbilical chord. This silver chord is only severed during the actual “death “process. The astral body is one of the five subtle bodies. All subtle bodies are connected and each has a very special purpose.


If a spirit crosses over and does not fully and or consciously ascend he may become stuck on the astral plane. Spirits that have not fully transitioned to the higher planes are referred to as “sleepers.” Most sleepers are harmless although some must be guarded against. The astral plane serves as a playground for many different types of entities. You may encounter them while dream on the astral plane. Some are friendly and some are not. Many are shape shifters and capable of manipulating their environments. They are known as the “tricksters”….


Resonating to a low frequency will most definitely manifest a low frequency reality on the astral plane. The emotional body plays a major role in the creation of “distorted reality syndrome”.”Like attracts like.” Dreams can turn into nightmares on the astral plane and “the boogie man” is never far behind. You must be very careful what you project into your reality because “you are what you think.” Every thought carries a frequency and that frequency produces a manifestation of it. Raising your frequency is necessary if your intention is to consciously ascend to the higher planes.


You can astral project yourself while you are sleeping in a lucid dream state When you astral project yourself consciously you are aware of the things that you encounter on the astral plane. Meditation and contemplation can be of assistance while learning to consciously astral project. In the morning before you become fully awake, ask yourself questions and keep a dream diary.


Astral projection is not the only method of traveling on the other planes. For example, there is etheric projection, time traveling and the more sophisticated art of bi-location. Bi-location requires one to vibrate a very high frequency.


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