I was having a clairvoyant vision and witnessing pandemonium in the streets. It was “too close for comfort”. It was yet another flashback in my own consciousness. This vision came with more details and a type of enhanced picture imaging. Manhattan Island would soon give way to an enormous and and violent Earthquake and Tsunami. The first in a series of Earthquakes. It would to be a 7.2 magnitude.If you wondering when Manhattan becomes a victim I feel very confident in predicting that it will occur in as little as Five or six years. The ramifications would be felt worldwide.

Another problem that I foresee happening in the future is a WAR that starts to unravel as a direct result of events.  I would like to refer to it as “The China Syndrome.” The end result will be the breakdown of  Governments ,World Order, and the Global economy.” The China Syndrome”  is a series of events  that ultimately leads to mass destruction and devastation .This will play out  in approximately four years.

Everything in our world changes and nothing ever really stays the same. We are now shifting from one level of consciousness into another. We are now on the cusp of monumental change. Old systems, belief patterns, institutions, governments, both national and abroad, will all break down. They can no longer vibrate as they once did. It’s evolution and it’s what occurs when the veil is lifted. We are now shifting from the third dimensional reality moving into the fourth dimensional reality.

The fourth dimension is sometimes referred to as the astral plane and is the “shadow dimension” to the third. Like the third, it is also characterized by polarity and is inhabited by ‘spirits” and disembodied entities. Each dimension is a learning stage for the souls evolution and paves the way for the next higher dimension. We are transitioning NOW from
our temporary physical third dimensional reality .The fourth is also temporary and transitional. It is where we learn to become more non- physical in our thinking. The veil between the third and fourth dimensional reality is now very thin. Take a sneak peek if you dare and glance at what lies ahead.

The fifth dimensional reality is characterized by unconditional love and surrender to God.. Now that certainly is something to look forward to. ………”until we meet again”….. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!