Astrology ,”Your True Sign”

Most people are familiar with Astrology and the twelves basic signs of the zodiac. The day and month that you were born determines what “sign” you are. For example, I was born on January 27, which means that I was born under the sign of Aquarius. The day and month of your birth will determine your SUN sign only.. Most people don’t look into much deeper into than that.
Now if you know the exact time of day you were born you can determine what your Moon sign is. I was born at 8:49 am and that means that my Moon sign is Gemini..The moon rules our emotional body and its the feminine counterpart to our masculine, hence counterparts.Knowing both ones Sun sign and Moon gives us a deeper look into their psyche. The exact time of birth gives us an additional perspective called  “the rising Sign” or Ascendent. The Ascendent shows us the sun was position on the horizon and then we can determine what sign it was in..There is always a two hour window period in reference to placement and an epheremis can help one make their calculations. The rising sign shows us how a person is seen by others . The concept is simple.. My ascendent at 8:49am on Jan 27, will not be the same as someone else’s even though they may have been born on Jan. 27 at 8:49am. In order for us to share the same ascendent they would have had to have been born on the exact same day, month, year and in the same geographical location in reference to longitude and latitude. Once again an ephemeris can be used to help to pinpoint longitude and latitude calculations. Using my exact time of birth 8:49 am shows us that my rising sign is Pisces. Rising signs may be a little tricky for some people to understand. In order to accurately read someones birth chart The sun, moon and ascendent must be placed in the proper signs, You can not divide the planet into twelves astrological signs and expect it to be an accurate illustration of Astrology.
The Sun which is masculine determines your basic qualities, the moon which is feminine determines your emotional nature, and the Rising sign determines your outward appearance..Each and every planet  plays a role in helping to create a persons birth chart. Mercury, for example is a very fast moving planet and when Mercury is in Aquarius can manifest genius in one’s chart. Mercury in Taurus on the other hand can create a “slow thinker”. Jupiter rules optimism and good fortune so a favorable aspect can manifest a person with a jovial personality that bounces back from misfortune.
The ascendent is always placed in the first house of the zodiac wheel.There are twelves houses.. For example, my ascendent is Pisces, therefore the first house in my chart is ruled by Pisces..  My sun which is Aquarius is in the twelfth house of the zodiac because it comes before Pisces.  The second house is Aires, the third is Gemini and the next would follow the logical progression of astrological signs.is .Within the astrological wheel are something we refer to as “aspects”. Some aspects are favorable while others are not. Whereas favorable aspects ( a trine) can support the flow of energy and a good “karmic” effect, where the.energy  flows freely creating easy situations. Difficult aspects (squared, or opposition) can block the flow of energy which may create struggles and challenges.

From my  heart to yours always

Psychic Cyndee