The Power is Yours

Power, like every muscle in the body, must be developed slowly and consciously. Knowledge is power and powerlessness is often the result of ignorance. Another common cause of powerlessness is lack of focus and conscious awareness. One can learn to increase “conscious awareness” through meditation. As we learn to raise energy, we can feel it rise up the spine and then open ” the third eye”. One of the results of learning how to “open the third eye”  is a developing a connection to higher self and that connection can ultimately help one gain a sense of power. Of course meditation alone may not be the only way to open one’s third and increase one’s personal power.
First, here few other ways to help one increase personal power:
1. Break inertia and do something different. If you are sluggish then get moving. If you are hyperactive then be still. Break boring patterns and give yourself a real challenge.
2. Avoid invalidation . Einstein can be quoted as saying, ” New ideas meet their greatest opposition from those who do not understand them.”
3. Pay attention to your wiring and resistors. Guard and protect the nervous system by not poisoning yourself with chemicals.
4. Break unhealthy attachments and co-dependent relationships.
5. Practice anger management. Anger burns up energy and unresolved anger can turn into depression. Less energy usually results into feelings of powerlessness.
6. Laughter.  If we can laugh at a situation then we usually gain power over it.
“Limitation is the first law of manifestation, therefore it is the first law of power” Dion Fortune.
Learn to clear the mind, open the throat chakra and through sheer will and determination will you can become more powerful. Speaking out loud, singing and even chanting can help move old dead energy and create new vibrant energy. The sheer act of verbalizing those things that remain stuck inside of us helps us to break free and become stronger. Yell, scream, cry just don’t fear taking action. Jump, dance , drum. Becoming more powerful helps us manifest what we want at a faster rate of speed. Its a “cause and effect” chain reaction syndrome. Hence in order to “get the ball rolling” we must break old patterns, create new ones and vibrate at a higher frequency. Keep the ball rolling. Please guard against using the face of others as a mirror for your own reflection. Look inside and look to God.

Love & Light

Psychic Cyndee