Shadow Ghosts

Rarely if ever do I use the term ”ghost”. The word has so many negative connotations that I prefer to use the word spirit. The word ghost refers to spirits stuck in the physical reality. Shadow Ghosts are a fairly common type of entity.  I don’t believe that ghosts set out to haunt houses. It’s most often that they believe that they were in the house first and it’s still theirs. You and whoever else happens to be in their house could be upsetting them.

We have all at one time or another had the feeling that we were being watched. Sometimes we feel like there is someone hiding in the shadows even though we can’t actually see them.

Well, it could be a Shadow Ghost.. Shadow Ghosts do react to people. Often times they can be been seen interacting with children. They are often perceived as dark images and appear as black cloud like ethereal masses. It’s easier for most people to observe them in low light environments. Sometimes they appear fully clothed which can be indicative of a certain time period or way of life. Their eyes can sometimes appear very dark and or even red. When observing them it is best to focus your attention on a doorway or a window and then stare at the darkness around its border. Shadow Ghosts often come in groups and may have an agenda. Ghost families for example can consist of mother and children if they died together or are still clinging on to each other. Shadow Ghosts do appear to move and so when looking for them one must remain still and while attempting to sense their energy or presence through movement.

Shadow ghosts are spirits that have not fully transitioned. Meaning they choose to stay and experience an earthly type of existence instead of moving into the light. Shadow ghosts are not demons as matter fact some really need to help crossing over. Some do have demonic entities “attached” to them. What the words “attached to them “ means is that they may have absorbed a negative entity or emotion such as fear, self hatred or intense anger. This could have occurred before or after they crossed over. Such is the case with  death victims of  a violent death. They are usually too weak and drained to see the light and “shut down”. Many times you will hear of ghosts weeping. Many are lost and looking for their children while others have been brutally assaulted and are crying for help.

They choose to numb out and go to sleep only to find strangers in their home. Shadow Ghosts often gravitate towards “people”. They seek human interaction because they still want to be a part of the living.  They are not spirit guides nor are they spirit helpers. They may still classified as “dark” in as much as they do not see the light or vibrate to a high frequency.

The most common place to see shadow ghosts is obviously in their home or the buildings that they frequented when they were still alive. They remain stuck on the earth plane because they are holding on to what they know to be familiar. People often remain attached to what feels comfortable and familiar to them. We all get stuck and sometimes we need a little help moving forward.

Peace and Light

Psychic Cyndee