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DNA Clearing Codes

Vast amounts of LIGHT INFORMATION are needed on the planet.There is a HIERARCHY of LIGHT FORCES waiting to assist us in our transition to the higher Planes and the other dimensions.

The spiritual clearing codes bring their assistance from the unseen realms in the form of the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE of Sacred Geometry(symbols and numeric codes of color and sound). As we become more light, we are seen in the other dimensions and energies are attracted to us. The codes protect us.They help one to be free of unseen, limiting, negative or interfering,influences and forces. There is a vast array of different types of outside interference. Some disembodied human spirits have not successfully made their transition to the light depriving them of the opportunity to be cleansed healed , enlightened, or restored, depending on what is appropriate.

There are also those who were pulled into this dimension from the lower astral realms by time experiments throughout the course of history. There are stories about experiments that were done with crystals that were being conducted during the time of Atlantis. As a result of these experiments, a serious tear occurred in the dimensions, causing billions of souls to pour forth into our planet.

The Ascended Masters came forth to assist. They were able to repair the tear and return many to their dimensions. The codes can also assist those from other realms, as well as help clear the old energy patterns, programs, beliefs systems, agreements and judgments The codes also assist in the removal of etheric implants andt heir blueprints, other negative energies such as curses, hexes, spells, astral, psychic, and etheric soul fragments, shape shifters, jumpers, living possessions, and conjured, bound and invoked energies, negative alien vibrations and their energy bonds, negative extraterrestrial and dark force energies, and genetically engineered beings from other dimensions.


The geometric pattern of these codes create vortices which open interdimensional doorways. This is where spiritual forces of light can be brought forth to assist in this cleaning and from which the interfering forces will exit. The color and sound frequencies create specific waveforms, counter wave signatures and geometric patterns. The mathematical sequences, much like the binary code language used by computers, translates language into a pure form of energy, vibration and geometry. This language is more pure than our spoken language and therefore transcends all language barriers. The sequencing of numbers behind the colors on these codes sets up patterns of light information.

Using the codes automatically releases the Christ Consciousness vibration of Light energy. This is similar to the way a computer accesses itís programming and as a result, these codes are protectedfrom manipulation, misuse contamination, degradation, or de-evolution.


How to Utlize these codes

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What do these codes do?

Here are a few examples of what these clearing codes do:

Protect , shield, repair and seal holes in the etheric body that are allowing a leakage of energy.

Collect 100% of the original Divinely appointed soul essence.

Replace guides if necessary once a higher vibratory rate is established.

Fill all voids and spaces with the purest highest sources of light from the Christ Conscious vibration.

Transmute all energy fragments left by this clearing to light energy for the good of all.

Bring the person into a state of balance and ease.

Clear property and negative energy portals.

Assist all energies both in this dimension and others make their transition into a higher vibratory rate.