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Meet Psychic Cyndee

My name is Psychic Cyndee . Welcome to my website...
I am a full trance medium and a clairvoyant. I also hosted a radio talk show and cable television show. I am also the author of "The Angel Diaries". You can purchase it here.
I communicate with both spirits and spirit guides. Talking to "the children on the other side" is one of my specialities. I serve as an interdimensional bridge for both parent and child. I am also clairvoyant and have the ability to witness events occurring in a future reality. My clairvoyance enables me to make very accurate make long range predictions.....
I have had the ability to make direct contact with spirit since I was small child.
My mother would also ask me to close my eyes and help her locate missing objects.
I am the creator of "Psychic Moments" a newspaper column that focuses on Spiritual Issues, answers reader based questions and makes detailed long range psychic predictions....
I hope that you find my website both informative as well as enlightening...I am available for private psychic consultations as well as Group Gallery readings...Workshops and Book signings.
Love and Light
Psychic Cyndee