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Talking to the ChildrenPsychic Cyndee's ability to communicate with the children on the other side is one of her most precious gifts. She can remember her first encounters with them and their sweet little faces. It was as though they were playing "peek a boo" with her. Sometimes she would see their faces and other times she would hear their voices. She often felt as though she was in two places at the same time.
No child ever crosses over alone. While crossing over they usually see the face of one or both of their parents. Time passes and they grow, experience new things and forge bonds with the other children who also have crossed over. Psychic Cyndee has been communicating with "the children on the other side" ever since she was a small child. As a mother, she now see things from a different perspective but only in as much as she has a deeper love and respect for her spirit guides and angel helpers. Without their expert guidance and assistance she would not be able to serve as a bridge that connects parents and their "children on the other side." Please contact Psychic Cyndee for more information. Book Now

Spirit CommunicationPsychic Cyndee works as a Spirit Communicator and also teach individuals how to develop their own abilty to communicate with spirit. She have been a natural full trance medium since childhood and serves the frequency range referred to as "A Mothers Love." Individual or Group Sessions are available. Book Now

Spiritual House Cleansing Unpleasent energies can remain trapped in a house long after its occupants have moved out. Sometimes unwanted house guests in the form of spirits or shadow ghosts may linger. In most cases the spirits that choose to remain pose no real threat. Removing them usually requires nothing more than a gentle nudge. Most wake up and even appreciate being guided into the light. Cleansing a home of dark unwanted energy is something that I strongly recommend. A clean home is a happy home. Please contact Psychic Cyndee to set up an evaluation. Book Now

Past Life RegressionPast Life Regression can help remove emotional blocks and release energy by retracing it to the point of its origin. Your present lifetime is a culmination of all your lifetimes and created who you are in this lifetime. Past Life Regression can help empower you by unlocking the doors to secrets pertaining to all aspects of yourself. An individual gains insight, clarity and direction. Break the pattern and learn from your mistakes. Visit the past and in doing create a powerful new future.. Book Now

DNA RepatterningDNA Recoding and Re-patterning are terms used for changes in our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies in reference to frequency change. DNA Re-patterning has several benefits. Those with the higher frequency are capable of re-activating the "dormant psychic glands" in the brain. Other benefits of DNA Re-coding are: an overall improvement in health and longevity, spontaneous releasement of deep emotional traumas with clearer insight, increased inner peace and calmness, improved memory, a more youthful appearance. The atomic structures within the cells of our bodies are slowly re-tuning themselves. We are shifting from a third dimensional carbon based body to a fifth or higher dimensional crystalline body or light body. Sessions are usually an hour in length and can be preformed in person or at a distance. Book Now

Reiki Attunements and TeachingsReiki is the Ancient of Healing by working with an indviduals energy field. It origininated in Japan and must be taught by a Reiki Master. There are several levels of training and each requires a period of initiation. Reiki can help reduce stress, calm anxiety, and effect change in reference to emotional issues. It addresses all aspects of healing. As a Reiki Master, Psychic Cyndee teaches and initiates students on all Levels. Single or group sessions are available. Book Now

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Need guidance and are not sure about your future? Contact Psychic Cyndee about a personal session either in person (limited area) or via Skype.

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Although Psychic Cyndee loves to meet with people one to one, sometimes the miles make it impossible. Skype Sessions are available for Personal Readings and Teachings. Please contact Psychic Cyndee for more details.