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Kindle Version

The Angel Diaires is available on Amazon in Kindle format.


The Angel Diaries

The Angel Diaries" deals with a variety of sensitive and provocative issues. It requires the reader to have an open mind, if nothing else. Having worked as a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant for many years, I felt the need to bridge a gap that exists between mainstream thinking and the metaphysical world. It wasn't until the loss of my own mother, grandmother and son's father within a three year period that I felt compelled to finish writing this book.

The information in this book is authentic and deals with issues of crossing over, spirit communication and a hierarchy of angels and spirit guides communicating from the other side. You may laugh, or you my cry. You may even feel an angelic presence standing right by your side. Angels are always with us even if we are no consciously aware of their presence. They offer us much love, in the form of guidance and healing, and all we ever need to do is ask. Please invite them to join you as we embark on a journey that knows no boundaries. Step into time and space. Surround yourself in a ball of white light. Make yourself comfortable and open the door to ALL that awaits you on the other side. Enjoy the ride and please remember to ALWAYS allow an Angel to be your spirit guide.

Peace and Light Psychic Cyndee

Nook Version

The Angel DIaries is also available from Barnes & Noble for Nook