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Spirit Communication

Communication with the deceased is not the same as working with your own "Spirit Guides". Disincarnate entities are not always "message bearers". Although usually benign somber spirits can be benevolent. Spirit communication is not a game nor is it for entertainment purposes. One must always enter a state of peaceful surrender when attempting to communicate with spirit. We must focus our intention and clear our space of all negative energy. Like attracts like and so the emotional state that one is in can very easily determine the type of experience one will have. We must define terms that will help us create a foundation that will support us in our thinking. Many symbols remain "constant" and will remain forever etched in our subconscious minds. Wavelength tampering does exist and it is usually of a "dark origin". Remember the mind will play tricks on you. You must always ground and center yourself.

The first step of Spirit Communication or Mediumship is making contact with your "Inner Band" of spirit guides. The Inner Band consists of these five GUIDES:

1. The Doctor of Philosophy.
2. The Master Teacher.
3.The Indian Chief.
4.The Medical Doctor
5.The Message Bearer.

These five Spirit Guides serve as a bridge on the path to Spirit communication. Reiki masters and other Light Workers have additional guides and angels who also support, guard ,and assist in healing. Your spirit guides are here to help you learn life lessons. Some times people do cross over and take on the role of spirit guides but in general the deceased usually need guidance and healing.

Psychic Cyndee works as a Spirit Communicator and also teaches individuals how to develop their own ability to communicate with spirit. She has been a natural full trance medium since childhood and serves the frequency range referred to as "A Mothers Love."

Psychic Cyndee serves the frequency range known as "A Mother's Love"