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Soul Mates

As PLATO said" And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair will become lost in an amazement of love, friendship and intimacy and one"

One of our readers asked me this question: Does the term Twin Flame have the same meaning as the term Soul Mate.?No. Some people do use the terms interchangeably, but they do not have the same meaning. A Twin Flame and a Soul Mate are very different. Let me explain...

A Soul Mate is someone one that crosses your path for a reason. They offer you an opportunity to learn something. The reason could be that of love, friendship or something else. A Soul Mate encounter always offers one an opportunity to grow. The relationship is always of a karmic nature. The outcome can only be determined by those involved.

A TWIN FLAME on the other hand is your Twin. And what that means is that you are born of the same flame. Some people believe that an individual has only one TWIN FLAME...I prefer to think in terms of multiples and believe that we have a few. TWIN FLAMES are twinned and belong together.

F rom the first moment of conception your soul possessed both male and female aspects, yin and yang, energy and polarity. Twin Flames are magnetically drawn to one another. Two halves of one soul has been called: Twin Souls, Twin Rays, Twin Vibrations and or Twin Flames. The original soul once whole began to separate and divide into smaller and smaller fragments of its own self. It then created separate aspects. But each and every aspect is still very much a part of the original flame (SOUL). Twin Souls will eventually be re-united again. SOUL MATES are not TWIN FLAMES and may or may not choose to stay together. Some Soul Mates choose to spend many lifetimes together but that doesn't make them TWIN FLAMES. Your TWIN FLAME may not reincarnate into the physical reality every time that you do... But sooner or later What God has joined together...îwill ultimately be reconnected again... HAPPY SOUL SEARCHING!


Global Love Day



May 1st is GLOBAL LOVE DAY. It is now being celebrated in over 127 countries. Please join us in our global celebration of LOVE and PEACE. And remember "Love begins with me".