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Talking to the Children

One of our readers asked me questions concerning the loss of her daughter.The questions were as follows:
Does my daughter hear me when I try to communicate with her? Will we ever be re-united again? Why was she taken from me?

The answers to most of her questions can be found in the realm of "soul contracts". When I speak about"the children", I am referring to children under the age of 13.

Understanding what a "soul contract" is can help to explain some of the reasons why a parent and a child may have chosen to experience "temporary separation" through the death process. Both the parent's higher self and the child's higher self would have had to have agreed to the "experience" on the higher planes prior to their incarnation. This experience would have had to have been deemed necessary for their souls growth.

As above, So below

Upon crossing over the prepubescent child reconnects to an aspect of herself that is part "angel". In doing so, she reconnects to a frequency that helps lead her back into a state of original innocence. The child's spirit remains close to the parent while the parent is still in the physical world. The child works in conjunction with the parent's higher self and angel guides. The child becomes a bridge that serves as an intermediary between the inter-dimensional worlds. This bridge helps both the parent and the child move forward on the path to higher consciousness If it is your intention to reconnect to the higher planes then you must attune yourself to a frequency that is capable of doing so. Raising your own vibration would be the key. The children are waiting in the wings to help escort the parents back home. And they do hear you when you cry.

The father may not need to remain connected to the child in the same way as the mother. His "soul contract" may be of a different nature. Therefore the child may not need to follow his energy as closely as the mothers. The mother and child usually remain connected on a much deeper psychic level long after the child has been removed from the physical world. The woman not only gave birth to the child but also created the life within her womb. Their relationship would be one of a symbioic nature. Communication remains constant on some level whether the mother is consciously aware of it or not.

Until we meet again

Lost Children

Psychic Cyndee has also used her abilities to help locate missing children

Reconnecting Parent's with thier Children who have crossed over

One of Psychic Cyndee's main specialties is helping parents re-connect to their children on the other side. She is an ordained minister and helps to bridge the gap and facilitate the healing process.